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"Corridors of Danger: The 25 Most Notorious Roads Where Crime Shadows the Path"

Updated: May 20

# The 25 Most Notorious Roads Where Crime Shadows the Path

Roads and highways are meant to connect people, facilitating travel and commerce. However, some roads have become infamous for the crimes that occur along them, earning reputations as dangerous and treacherous paths. Here are the 25 most notorious roads where crime casts a long, dark shadow.

## 1. **Route 66, USA**

Once known as the "Main Street of America," Route 66 has seen its share of crime, from hitchhiker murders to unsolved disappearances. Its vast stretches of desolate road make it a prime location for illicit activities.

## 2. **Highway of Tears, Canada**

This stretch of Highway 16 in British Columbia is notorious for the disappearances and murders of numerous Indigenous women since the 1970s. Despite increased awareness and investigation efforts, many cases remain unsolved.

## 3. **La Ruta 27, Costa Rica**

Known for its scenic views, this road also harbors dangers such as drug trafficking and armed robberies. Tourists are often targeted, making it a risky route despite its beauty.

## 4. **Interstate 10, USA**

Running from California to Florida, I-10 is a major drug trafficking corridor. It has also seen numerous violent crimes and human trafficking cases, making it one of the most dangerous highways in the United States.

## 5. **A29, Germany**

This road is known for being a hotspot for sex trafficking and illegal prostitution. Criminal networks operate extensively along this route, exploiting vulnerable individuals.

## 6. **Trans-Sahara Highway, Africa**

Spanning multiple countries, this highway is plagued by banditry, smuggling, and terrorist activities. Traveling this route can be perilous due to the high risk of violent crime.

## 7. **Autopista del Sol, Mexico**

While connecting Mexico City to Acapulco, this highway is infamous for carjackings, kidnappings, and gang violence. Travelers are often advised to avoid driving this road at night.

## 8. **M1, South Africa**

The M1 highway in Johannesburg is notorious for hijackings and armed robberies. Criminals often target vehicles at traffic lights and intersections, making it one of the most feared roads in the region.

## 9. **Interstate 95, USA**

Running along the East Coast, I-95 is another major drug trafficking route. It has a high incidence of vehicle theft, human trafficking, and violent crime, particularly in urban areas.

## 10. **B23, Spain**

This road near Barcelona is known for aggressive pickpockets and car thieves. Tourists are frequently targeted, with criminals using various tactics to rob unsuspecting drivers and passengers.

## 11. **A6, England**

The A6 has a dark history, including the infamous murder of Michael Gregsten in 1961. Today, it remains a road with a high crime rate, including vehicle theft and drug-related offenses.

## 12. **Pan-American Highway, Latin America**

Spanning multiple countries, the Pan-American Highway is notorious for its dangerous segments, particularly in Central America. Drug cartels, human traffickers, and violent gangs make certain stretches extremely hazardous.

## 13. **Interstate 80, USA**

Stretching from California to New Jersey, I-80 sees a high number of crimes, including drug trafficking, carjackings, and human trafficking. Its vast length and remote areas make it a prime target for criminals.

## 14. **E80, Italy**

This highway is infamous for Mafia-related activities, including drug trafficking and illegal dumping. Travelers are often cautioned about the potential dangers, especially in certain regions of Southern Italy.

## 15. **BR-116, Brazil**

Known as the "Highway of Death," BR-116 is plagued by accidents, robberies, and violent crime. It is one of Brazil's most dangerous roads, with high rates of child exploitation and trafficking.

## 16. **US Route 1, USA**

Running along the East Coast, US Route 1 has a high incidence of crime, particularly in urban areas. Drug trafficking, vehicle theft, and violent crime are common issues along this route.

## 17. **A1, Russia**

This major road connecting Moscow to St. Petersburg is notorious for highway robberies and organized crime activities. Travelers often face risks of being targeted by criminal gangs.

## 18. **North Circular Road, England**

This busy road in London has a high rate of vehicle theft, muggings, and violent crime. It is particularly dangerous at night, with numerous incidents reported annually.

## 19. **Interstate 35, USA**

I-35 runs from Texas to Minnesota and is a major corridor for human trafficking and drug smuggling. It has a high incidence of violent crime, making it a perilous route for travelers.

## 20. **A5, Germany**

Known for illegal street racing and prostitution, the A5 is a hotspot for criminal activities. Police frequently conduct operations to combat the high levels of crime on this road.

## 21. **N1, South Africa**

Connecting Cape Town to Johannesburg, the N1 is infamous for hijackings and armed robberies. Travelers are advised to be extremely cautious, especially when driving at night.

## 22. **Route Nationale 2, Haiti**

This road is notorious for gang violence, kidnappings, and armed robberies. It is one of the most dangerous routes in Haiti, with frequent attacks on both locals and tourists.

## 23. **E75, Europe**

Spanning from Norway to Greece, the E75 sees a high rate of human trafficking and drug smuggling. Certain segments, particularly in Eastern Europe, are known for their dangerous conditions.

## 24. **Great North Road, Zambia**

This major route is plagued by banditry and armed robberies. Truck drivers and travelers often face significant risks, with frequent reports of violent crime along the road.

## 25. **Route Nationale 1, Haiti**

Another dangerous road in Haiti, Route Nationale 1, is infamous for its high crime rate, including kidnappings, carjackings, and violent assaults. It remains one of the most perilous roads in the country.

## Conclusion

These 25 roads, notorious for their high crime rates, highlight the dangers that can lurk along seemingly ordinary routes.

From drug trafficking corridors to highways plagued by violent crime, travelers must remain vigilant and informed about the risks they may encounter. While these roads are vital arteries for commerce and travel, they also serve as stark reminders of the darker side of human behavior.

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