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Tonetta Carlisle: The Unsolved Mystery of a Young Woman’s Disappearance

Updated: Mar 30

In the summer of 2006, Roxanne Paltauf, an 18-year-old woman, vanished without a trace in Austin, Texas. Her story remains an enigma, haunting those who seek answers.

Here are the key details surrounding her disappearance:

  1. Background:

  • Roxanne and her boyfriend, Louis Walls, checked into the Budget Inn Motel in Austin to celebrate their two-year anniversary.

  • Despite Roxanne’s dreams of becoming a fashion designer and her responsible nature, her relationship with Louis was tumultuous. He had a history of being physically abusive and threatening former girlfriends.

  • On the fateful evening of July 7, 2006, an argument erupted between Roxanne and Louis. Roxanne stormed out of the motel room, carrying only her identification.

  1. Disappearance:

  • Approximately 20 minutes after Roxanne left, Louis went searching for her but couldn’t find her.

  • The next day, Roxanne’s mother reported her missing.

  • Louis checked out of the motel room, taking Roxanne’s belongings with him. Her clothing, purse, wallet, and cell phone were left behind.

  • Suspiciously, hundreds of calls were made from Roxanne’s phone during the time she was missing. Some of these calls were to Louis’s ex-girlfriend in New Mexico.

  • In one call, Louis reportedly said, “I am in trouble. I f—ed up.”

  1. Investigation Challenges:

  • Initially, authorities treated the case as Roxanne leaving to get away from Louis.

  • Unfortunately, the motel room where she was last seen had been cleaned and used by other customers, rendering it of little forensic or investigative value.

  • Roxanne’s sister, Rosalynn Schultz, noticed suspicious charges on Roxanne’s phone in 2019, but police couldn’t build a strong case based on the cellphone records.

  1. Geoffrey Moore Connection:

  • Six days after Roxanne vanished, a young woman was attacked near the Budget Inn by a man named Geoffrey Moore.

  • Authorities found Roxanne’s identification on Geoffrey Moore, but charges against him were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Despite extensive efforts, Roxanne Paltauf remains missing, and the case remains unresolved. Her disappearance continues to cast a shadow over those who seek justice and closure1.

Tonetta Carlisle: The Unsolved Mystery of a Young Woman’s Disappearance

On March 16, 1989, 15-year-old Tonetta Yvette Carlisle seemed to vanish out of thin air while walking home from school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her daily walk from Chattanooga High School to her home was relatively short, taking around twenty minutes. As she approached the intersection of Dallas Road and Hamilton Avenue, a woman on nearby Ruth Street observed her walking when a tan and yellow vehicle stopped next to her. Several individuals quickly got out of the car, forced Tonetta into it, and sped away.

The observant woman and her husband managed to write down the license plate number: “LKH 920.” They reported this information to the police. Later that evening, Tonetta’s mother, Nonie, called the police to report that her daughter hadn’t returned home from school. Unfortunately, it took a full two days for the police to realize that the two reports were connected.

The license plate number led authorities to a man named Jeffrey Jones, who had been released from prison just a year before Tonetta’s abduction. Jones had served eight years for rape and aggravated sexual assault. Shockingly, he had raped another woman in the same apartment complex just two months prior to Tonetta’s disappearance. When police went to find Jones, they discovered that he had committed suicide on March 18th, just days after Tonetta was taken. Despite extensive efforts, Tonetta Carlisle remains missing, and her whereabouts remain unknown.

Over the years, there have been unverified sightings of Tonetta across the United States. Some speculate that she may have been sold into prostitution, but no credible information has surfaced regarding her location. It seems that Mr. Jones took whatever happened to her to his grave. The mystery of Tonetta Carlisle continues to haunt those who seek answers456.

Note: The information provided here is based on available records and reports. The case remains unsolved, and Tonetta’s fate remains a heartbreaking mystery.

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